Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wedding signage

I am really excited to design signage for our wedding.  There are so many opportunities to customize and personalize, so I hope I can find the time to design some things myself.  I found these on a modern wedding blog: she designs various stationery (which is all adorable, by the way), but I feel like I could take a lot of these ideas and design and print my own version myself.

I think this is so sweet.  Instead of having a menu at the place settings (since I am having a buffet), how about putting custom thank you letters to the people who came to enjoy your special day?  This idea could be used in many different ways!

 These ideas are so easy and I think really add a great personal touch.  They would be so easy to print and assemble yourself and they can easily play up whatever theme you're going for!

 So so cute.  I can't wait to design my own!

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